We have tools that will help you integrate LoanBot into your existing systems, whether you work for a lender or a realtor. Our services are consumer-focused, but our products and our tools are designed for you.

We have initially created two APIs that can be used by developers:

Code generation

When a realtor submits an address, we generate a QR code and SMS codes (in English and Spanish) that can be used on marketing materials (such as mailers or For Sale signs). When consumers interact with those codes, the information they supply will be available automatically in the realtor's portal.

Possible uses for this API include integrating it with an existing realtor control panel, so any properties that are added will automatically have LoanBot QR codes and SMS codes generated. This way, the realtor does not have to go into a separate system and duplicate information.

Chat bot

If you want to integrate the web chat bot into your own interfaces (such as a realtor or lender website or mobile app), this API will allow you to send a message and get a response. All interactions with the customer will be associated to your account (for future analytics).

More APIs will be made available (such as allowing the integration of analytics or the integration of leads in CRM systems such as Velocify). Please contact us if you have any specific requests.