Whether it’s a home buyer’s first purchase or their fifth, finding a great lender is always a big part of the process. The biggest challenge for a lender is getting qualified borrowers as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. The entire process takes a lot of your time and effort, which doesn't always pay off as well as you'd hoped. We’d like to help.

You need to be confident that you can generate a steady amount of valuable leads while investing a minimal amount of money. And if you want to build a relationship with realtors, then LoanBot is certainly the right option for you!

By signing up with LoanBot, you have immediate access to a simple, distinctive way for generating qualified ready-to-buy leads.

Once you sign up for the service, you get the ability to provide any realtor partners with a code to use the service. The benefit here is that each realtor who signs up with your code will be sending leads your way. As a result, you get a steady amount of leads and an impressive return on investment each time another realtor uses the LoanBot service.

LoanBot is designed to eliminate the time and hassle that comes from finding leads on your own. Not only do you get to work with realtors that send leads your way, but you can also view details about each lead as well. This means you get to see their property information, loan amount, user-contributed credit estimates and any other information helpful in the home buying process. Soon, we’ll roll out the ability to do a soft credit check within the LoanBot app. And since LoanBot uses the latest technologies, you get immediate access to relevant information and the security of knowing that information is kept private. You can see the detailed information about that lead, as well as have immediate access to leads generated from other real estate agents. You don’t have to limit your focus to a specific real estate company; instead, you can work with multiple realtors to generate better results for your business in the long term.

Moreover, all leads can be posted in real-time directly to your CRM. There are multiple LoanBot APIs that can be easily integrated with your own CRM.

The cost for these pre-filtered leads isn’t high at all, in fact, you just pay $20 per lead (compared to over $80 with other lead generation tools).

Thanks to LoanBot, you have a very efficient way of boosting your lending business and taking it to the next level. The entire process is fast, intuitive, and it can offer you a great way to boost your exposure, all while generating a lot of leads in the long-term. If you always wanted your company to grow, then using LoanBot can offer you one of the best ways to achieve that type of goal. Contact our team and we’ll tell you more about this great opportunity.You will be more than impressed with how many leads you can generate using LoanBot!