Privacy Policy

The terms mentioned below come under the “PRIVACY POLICY” of the website located at This document contains all the information about the data we collect from visitors as well as the customers of this website in order to ensure privacy and also to provide them with better services. This document is liable to change at any time, and WE ARE NOT responsible if you have not read any of the updated policies. Keep visiting this page to keep yourself UPDATED according to the latest privacy policies of our site.

Collection of data

The information we gather from our clients (realtors and mortgage brokers/lenders) include:

For general users of the SMS service, we collect:


LoanBot is our copyright. In case you are using this site, you must only use our site for one of the following reasons:

Your private information is safe with us and is strictly confidential, and it will not be disclosed to any unauthorized party.

How do we use the information you provide to us?

For the sake of keeping track of our customers, we use the information you provide us. It is used primarily for communicating with you or for providing you with our services. We keep special record of:

In which scenarios do we share your information with third parties?

When an external service is required which is beyond our reach, we may give your information, but only that which is required to complete that service - and that which is authorized by you. For lenders, in case of payment of $20 per lead, we have PayPal and similar agents. This information is necessary to carry out transactions. These agents need that information in order to enable them to process the transaction which is carried out in case you have to pay for the lead. Apart from this, we will always first ask your consent before passing on any of your information.

It is highly unlikely, but if our business is merged with another company or our assets are bought by another company, then your information will be merged or provided to the new business and you will be informed beforehand. This policy will also be updated as needed, and a notice will be sent out to our existing customers.

What is the main purpose of gathering your private information?

How your information is protected?

Your information is safe with us and we protect it with utmost security, ensuring no security leaks are present. However, YOU MUST REALIZE that this is a chatbot and a website and it is susceptible to cyber-crime. All the private information storage and rest of the regulations and rules mentioned in this privacy policy are under the law of the state of Nevada.

Updating your details

In the event that you have to update any of your information, please email us. We will update your email address in our mailing list. This is very important as we would be sending the leads to the old/current email address that we are aware of that you have mentioned at the time of registration and you will not be able to receive the leads. As soon as you update any of your essential private information, please get in touch with us immediately.

Your Consent

At the time of registration, YOU ENSURE that the information you provide us is 100% accurate and reliable. We may take help of your information in order to devise better results and statistics tool like google analytics to help us in getting the information about the website visitors. This would enable us to serve you better. You understand that we have full rights to use your information whenever required to serve you better. The information you provide us should be genuine and original. In case of any misspelling or anything else, you will be held responsible. You may email us back for updating your information or making corrections.

Illegal use

You are not allowed to copy, paste or make any illegal use of the material or information found on this website. The material on this website is for general knowledge purposes only and for helping lenders and retailers in finding the right leads for new home sales or mortgages. In the case where you are found guilty of any offense against the site, you will be held responsible for penalty under the cyber-crime laws of the state of Nevada.