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family buying their first new home

What (Almost) Stopped Me From Buying a House

About ten years ago when my wife and I wanted to buy a house, we started by cruising around neighborhoods that we liked. We looked at areas that we knew had good schools, and drove around to see the area, checked out the neighbors, and got inspired and imagined what it would be like to live there.

But the one thing that always stopped us was taking that first step to make our dream a reality. Some people are okay with talking to salespeople, but I've always felt intimidated by them. Car salesman, mattress salesman, and even people raising money for charity - I've always felt pressured to do something I wasn't ready for, and the transactions have always left me feeling cheated - even if I wasn't.

My way of dealing with this was to do as much research on my own as possible, usually by using the internet. Most of the time, it discouraged me from doing anything at all.

The first thing I did, of course - before looking to see details on square footage or number of bedrooms - was to check the price. After a couple of houses I'd get an idea of the cost of a neighborhood, but there was always a part of me that thought "who can really afford $300k - especially on my salary?"

(I never did question how the people who lived there were able to do it, and I didn't have anyone around to help walk me through the process.)

Now that I'm older (and a homeowner!) I understand how financing works (as well as the "gotchas" they don't normally tell you about - like HOA fees, how local property taxes can spike, etc.) But at the time, the sticker shock stopped me from approaching anyone and asking how it was possible to buy a house!

The Future of Becoming a First-time Homeowner

My name is Jeffrey Berthiaume, and I'm one of the founders of LoanBot. I'm a software guy - I've been writing applications for the web and for mobile phones for over twenty years (most recently, apps for Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, GoPro, and Experian to name a few). I think in terms of taking lots of information, and displaying it in a way that communicates and helps people.

One day, my wife suggested I do something to help people that were in our same headspace back when we first wanted to buy a home - and my immediate thought was "if only I had something that walked me through the cost of ownership - on a monthly basis - which would have completely changed my mindset."

That's when we came up with the idea for LoanBot.

Using AI to Educate

With some help from friends in the mortgage industry (one of whom is a partner and co-founder), I built a chat-bot (a piece of Artificial Intelligence software that asks questions and is able to understand responses), taught it some basic mortgage calculations (current interest rate, APR, the effect of credit on the interest rate, and so forth), and hooked it up so it could respond to text messages on anyone's phone.

I wish I could go back and tell the people that we were 10 years ago that we would be able to scan a code on a realtor's sign, be asked a couple of quick questions, and be told that the price of a house would be a manageable $1,418/month instead of an unreasonably large $300,000. For someone paying $1,700 a month for a small apartment, that knowledge would have completely changed our internal perceptions - and would have my wife asking if we could afford something a little larger...

It changes the internal calculus from "can we even afford buying a house?" to "which house should we buy?"

Now, you might be wondering if LoanBot can help you with your business.

If you can say "YES" to any of these questions...

...then I believe you would be PERFECT for the LoanBot service:

  • Are you a realtor that is looking to capture more of the traffic that drives past your homes?
  • Are you trying to generate as many leads as possible without investing a lot of money?
  • Do you have customers that have a fear of commitment?
  • Are you always replacing flyers but not able to figure out how many people are taking them?
  • Do you have properties that sit for months without any leads?
  • Do you want a technical solution for communicating to your customers, but you aren’t tech-savvy?
  • Do you need to communicate with customers who are bi-lingual?

Grow Your Real Estate Business and Educate Your Customers.

LoanBot was designed to help you get targeted leads for your available properties.

By submitting a property address to us, you will receive a unique SMS and QR code that will help guide home buyers to your new listing.

What makes the LoanBot service stand out is the fact that you don’t need to have the first contact with your home buying leads. We handle that for you, and our chatbot will automatically talk with the client to inform them about their estimated monthly payments (based on their credit and current interest rates).

This is the type of information that you may not be able to offer your clients right off the bat. But with LoanBot, you get to share that very fast and without any issue. That’s what makes LoanBot stand out, the fact that this delivers a very impressive, customizable service designed with quality (and Federal compliance!) in mind.

You just have to make sure that you display a QR code or SMS codes on your sign and that’s it.

Generate Leads Automatically, Leave the Technology to Us.

We inform the customer and when he/she comes to you, they will automatically know the total cost, their approximate monthly mortgage payments, and so on. This way they will figure out if that lovely house is within their budget, and you can start working on offer paperwork.

LoanBot was created with a true focus on efficiency. We know that not all realtors are tech-savvy, and many times leads will end up not calling you after figuring out the monthly cost of their potential purchase.

With LoanBot, you get to streamline the process by filtering what leads are interested in your listing and know they can afford it. As a result, you have fewer calls, but the calls that you do get are more likely to convert to a sale. LoanBot will generate a lot more sales for your business in the long run.

By using the LoanBot service, you get to have all these great features delivered fast and easy. Not only that, but we are also giving you the lead information free of charge. This is a limited time offer, so if you want to take advantage of this incredible opportunity, then all you have to do is to give our service a shot.

We are fully committed to value and quality, and we believe that focusing on your success is a priority.

We made the LoanBot system fast and convenient, all you need is to click the button below, and we will gladly assist with getting started.

Thanks to LoanBot, a lot of realtors have already managed to generate quality leads, so check our service out and streamline your home sales process!

Sign-up for LoanBot Today

LoanBot is in a limited-time Beta. That means we are currently offering our Standard Service completely for FREE. Once we are ready to launch our service publicly, we will be converting to a paid subscription - HOWEVER anyone who signs up during the Beta period will remain a free customer of our service for LIFE.

The LoanBot Standard Service

  • Add details about properties you are selling.
  • View automatically created QR codes and text message codes.
  • Download free templates to add to your existing signs, or order new custom yard signs.
  • Receive details about every lead that interacts with your sign.

Current BETA Offer: FREE

Advanced Customization Service

  • Everything in the Standard Service PLUS:
  • We will setup up to 100 properties for you.
  • We will help you set up a custom phone number (or SMS short code) through Twilio - or configure our service to support your existing phone number if possible.
  • We will help you set up NextCaller to give you reverse phone lookup information on your customers (for every customer that interacts with your service, we will look up their phone number and fill in your data with their name, email address, and any other demographic information that is available)
  • We will customize your existing signs and add graphics based on our templates - up to 10 hours of design consulting!
  • We will edit what our chatbot says to customers based on the dialog you want it to say (we will send you our scripts and talk with you about how you want it modified) - including up to 10 hours of custom development!
  • Note: If you require additional languages (French, German, Chinese, etc.) each will have a separate cost based on the cost of localization.

One Time Payment of $999

Full Money Back Guarantee

100% Risk Free. Your data is always your own. If at any point you want to cancel, we will remove your property information and any customization you create from our service.

60 day money-back guarantee. For the Advanced Customization Service, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee - if you have posted signs in front of all of your properties for at least three weeks, and are not satisfied with the results of our service , email support@loanbot.net and we will refund 100% of your money back immediately. We are so confident our service will deliver results, that we are offering this full 60 day money-back guarantee in order to give you time to try out the service risk free.

Which option works best for you?

($999 billed after signup)

Advanced Service only $999

Although our Standard Service is a great option for most realtors, some will need advanced features that will require our support. If you need any of these special customized features, we are able to work with you to gather your requirements and create them for you. Our system is designed in such a way that the chatbot can be fully customized to talk to your customers in any way that you would like. (If you have questions about this, please email support@loanbot.net - we will discuss all of the details with you prior to sending an invoice)

This option is perfect for you if you can answer YES to one or more of the following:

  • You have 30 or more properties for sale.
  • You need help customizing the graphics on your existing signage.
  • You want to have control over how the chatbot speaks to your clients.
  • You would like to use a custom SMS shortcode (such as “Text to 88888”)
  • You would like to communicate to customers in a language other than English or Spanish.

Standard Service for FREE*

Our Standard Service gives you everything you need to generate custom QR codes and text messaging codes, in either English or Spanish, for your customers. You can choose to use any of these options and create or order your own signs using those codes for free. You may use these codes for as long as you want, and once generated we will never reuse those codes for any other customers or properties.

* Price is subject to change