Terms and Conditions

Please read the below mentioned terms and conditions carefully as they are liable on all the visitors and users or customers of this website or service. These terms and conditions are the obligations binding upon the site owners and the visitors or users of the site located at https://www.loanbot.net. In this document, the terms “US”, “WE” refer to the site owners and the terms “YOU”, “YOUR” are used to refer to the user or visitor of the site. In case you do not wish to comply with these terms and conditions, you must halt any usage of this website immediately.


This document details the liabilities of users and includes the details of who uses the product or services of the website https://www.loanbot.net.

LoanBot is a chat bot operating for the benefits of retailers and lenders. There is a login for realtors or mortgage brokers (lenders) that will allow them to log in and enter details about properties, which will then generate a QR code and SMS codes in English and Spanish. Customers will be able to use these to text chat back and forth to find the cost of their loan.


Once you sign up with LoanBot, you can get access to more leads than ever, if you are a lender. LoanBot eliminates the time it takes you to find the required leads and give you a steady ROI (Return On Investment). You have to pay $20 per lead if you are a mortgage broker/lender. For realtors, LoanBot gives you basic information and analytics on leads that interact with QR codes or SMS codes that you generate, based on property information that you provide.


In the event you are interested in our services, you can do so by signing up with us and we will get in touch with you right away. However, you need to provide correct and relevant information at the time of registration. It will help us to get in touch with you. LoanBot is one of a kind chatbot which will generate leads for you automatically. In order to avail the maximum benefit, you must provide accurate information.

However, we reserve FULL RIGHTS to block or take action against any account or account holder if found guilty of malicious activities against the site or our customers or users, and any such malicious activity will be held accountable under the law of the state of Nevada.


We take all necessary measures to secure the private information provided by you at the time of registration. We DO NOT disclose your private information to any unauthorized person. You are assured that your data is safe from breaches and security leaks, as our developers have deployed maximum level protection for your data to be secured on our server. However, YOU MUST UNDERSTAND that, in case of an official disclosure appeal from Government authorities and others will yield the disclosure of your information as required by law. You are responsible for the accuracy and correctness of your data and the information you provide us. WE WILL NOT be responsible for any spelling mistakes while entering or other such issues. You must be careful while entering your information.

Integration of LoanBot

LoanBot can be integrated within your systems as well. We make available the APIs (tools and resources) required to do that. We currently support two APIs that can be integrated by developers: the Chat API and the Code API. We do not guarantee that the APIs are available, and use is at your own risk.

Use of material

The material and information found on this site is for information purposes only. YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED to use them without the consent of site owners. These terms and conditions are ONLY for this site.


Any kinds of changes and updates to these terms and conditions are the SOLE RIGHT of the site owners. These may change without any prior notice. You are requested to keep visiting this page to stay updated with the latest terms and conditions. In the case where you have not read these, you will still be responsible for any consequences.


In our regular service, we charge $20 per lead to lenders and similarly very low charges for realtors. However, WE RESERVE the right to administer any additional charges depending upon the nature of business or information transmitted. Any additional government imposed tax will be SOLELY your responsibility to fulfill.

Threat to site

In the case of any potential threat to site, such as a DDoS attack, hacking or the leaking of potential information of our clients/data or any other offense against the site, we will take every available legal remedy against the culprits, which will result in severe penalty under the rules and regulations of the cyber law of the state of Nevada.

Illegal Matters

We reserve the right to refuse the approval of an account, in case it is found that the account holder is found guilty of fraud or is using it for unfair means other than receiving leads. WE WILL not notify the account holder on the reason of his account lockage in such matter.


These terms and conditions are governed and are constructed in accordance with the law of the state of Nevada. In case of any query, please contact us at info@loanbot.net.